About us

Get the feel of exquisite savour in a new way!

OÜ Mann Grupp has been involved in the food product processing activity since 2001 and since 2005 it has had its own production facilities located in the city of Narva. The enterprise is continuously developing and employs innovative processing techniques in their practice.

It is for several year that the company has been developing its line of activity associated with the manufacture of fish products, which are produced from local raw products without any preservatives by using natural methods of smoking and treatment in combi-ovens without adding any fat.

A lot of people are fond of our products for their quality, naturality and unmatched savour.

For selling fish products of own manufacture, the company has some shops opened in the cities of Tallinn and Narva:

  • In Tallinn:
  • Balti Jaaama Turg – Kopli tn. 1, Tallinn, 1 flor, kiosk Fish-ka

  • Narvas:
  • Narva Astri Trade Centre – Tallinna mnt. 41, Narva, 1 flor

We invite you to try our delicatesse fish products and open a new world of savour!


Contact information

  • Narva linn, Ida-Viru maakond, Aleksander Puškini tänav 23-63, 20303

  • (+372) 3592 794

  • info@fishkaclub.ee